Tai Chi, Mindfulness in motion.Mindfulness is the sine qua non of meaningful work.

Mindfulness practice gives us the opportunity to be fully present — in the moment.

Without mindfulness, even the most meaningful work is not quite “right.”

Without mindfulness, life’s many distractions and demands can become major obstacles.

With mindfulness we can better meet life’s challenges.

With mindfulness, we can more readily see and choose from among the many opportunities life offers.

Using Mindfulness to Find Meaningful Work

Several behaviors and conditions are key to finding work that is meaningful. These include:

  • Honesty and Openness
  • Friendship and Compassion
  • Ethics and Morality
  • Philanthropy and Gift giving
  • Financial security and Freedom from debt
  • Mastering an art, trade, craft or profession

The gift of here-and-now awareness, presented by mindfulness practice, magnifies your ability to practice these behaviors and create these conditions. It also helps you to see the consequences, short-term and long, that you must endure when when you avoid them.

With mindfulness, you can see more clearly how to include and strengthen these in your life — from moment to moment.

Mindfulness Matters!

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The ancient followers of the Tao were
subtle, mysterious and penetrating.
They were too deep to be fathomed.

All we can do is describe their appearance.
Hesitant, as if crossing a winter stream.
Watchful, as if aware of neighbors on all sides.
Respectful, like a visiting guest.
Yielding, like ice beginning to melt.
Simple, like an Uncarved Block.
Open, like a valley.
Obscure, like muddy water.

Who else can be still,
and let the muddy water slowly become clear?
Who else can remain at rest,
and slowly come to life?
Those who hold fast to the Tao
do not try to fill themselves to the brim.
Because they do not try to be full,
they can be worn out and yet, ever new.

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 15

Finger pointing mindfulness. Don't mistake the finger for the moon.
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