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Biography of Gail Terry Grimes

Gail Terry Grimes

Gail Terry Grimes is the writer's writer and a terrific coach and teacher. She works closely with Claude in the small business consulting side of meaningfulWork.Com where, together, they have developed a unique consulting process for entrepreneurial couples. She and Claude have also worked together on numerous small business consulting projects including a hotel turn around and a business plan for a local restaurant. They are currently co-authoring a small business management book about the best practices of small businesses that are surviving and thriving in the face of the current ecomonic climate.

Ms. Grimes has worked as an independent communications consultant for 20 years and has helped more than 100 organizations plan for, and document, their own changes. She has helped them articulate their mission, goals, implementation plans, case for support, and parameters for an evolving corporate culture; document their internal processes; motivate existing stakeholders and recruit new ones; assess the effectiveness of their communications programs; and implement her own recommendations.

Gail has conducted perhaps 10,000 interviews and built a portfolio of business writing that is at least 15,000 pages long, much of it documenting organizational change. A former journalist, she is well known as a motivational and technical writer, art director, print production editor, and project manager. She has also tutored many executives and managers to improve their writing skills. Her own adult learning has focused on educational theory and practice, group facilitation, and the verbal and visual presentation of information.

In the 1980s, she provided creative services to many large non-profit organizations around the country, primarily writing and producing printed and audio/visual materials for fund development and community relations; her work helped raise nearly a half-billion dollars for charitable causes. During the early 1990s, she was a primary communications consultant for the merger that created the largest private medical center between Los Angeles and Seattle. More recently she has served in a similar capacity for a $52 million Internet startup with a non-profit mission related to the humanistic use of technology for improved communications.

In addition to her participation in meaningfulWork.com, Gail is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FutureU™.

At FutureU, she oversees corporate strategy and systems, as well as marketing and corporate communications, including website and curriculum content. She also teaches communications for FutureU.

Learn more about Gail Terry Grimes by visiting her website at http://www.gailterrygrimes.com.

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