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Biography of Hidetake Enomoto

Hidetake Enomoto.

Hidetake Enomoto singlehandedly introduced career coaching to his native Japan. In a culture that has not traditionally valued individual fulfillment, his seminars and workshops on the meaning of work struck a chord with professionals there.
           A certified coach, Mr. Enomoto also created a thriving individual practice in Tokyo, where he began accepting students to train for this emerging profession.
           Following this success Hide spent several years researching eco-villages, living for three years at the Findhorn intentional community in Scotland.
           Building on his American graduate training in organizational development and transformation, his business background in human resource consulting, and his study of ecovillages, Mr. Enomoto actively spreads the concepts of organizational transformation throughout Japan and is currently involved with the Transition Towns green metro movement there.

Mr. Enomoto holds a masters of arts in organizational development and transformation from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is fluent in Japanese and English. Through meaningfulWork.com, he is available for cross-cultural workshops and teleconferences on new developments in the Japanese workplace, community building, and eco-villages.

He is author of Coaching (PHP, 1999) and translator of the Japanese edition of Jessica Lipnack's and Jeffrey Stamps' Virtual Teams.

From Eco-Villages to Transition Towns: An Interview with Hidetake Enomoto about the Transition Town Movement in Japan from UNUChannel on Vimeo.

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