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Bargain Hunter's Guide to Building Your Course Web Site

by Claude Whitmyer

FutureU Press, Smashwords Edition, 2011.

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Bargain Hunter's Guide to Buidling Your Course Web Site by Claude Whitmyer.
Ebook Price: $5.00. 22,515 words.
Everything you need for building a terrific course Web site is available free or for a few dollars on the Internet. This ebook provides product reviews, links to software and tools and more. The Bargain Hunter's Guide will get your course off the ground right away. It will expand your horizons. It will lead you to options you might never have known existed.
601 Van Ness Avenue, Suite E433
San Francisco, CA 94102
415-648-2667 Claude
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Copyright © 1998-2011 by Claude Whitmyer. All rights reserved.

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