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What Do Good Work Guidance Clients Say?

Career Guidance Testimonials

"What I get from your workshops is a chance to assimilate what right livelihood means."

Deeann Marquart, Legislative Analyst

"I truly enjoyed the seminar, both for its content and for the insights it gave me about a certain "quality" of being in business that you certainly embody."

Cal French, College Administrator

"I enjoyed your workshop very much and hope you'll agree to do it again soon. Let us know your availability and we will arrange for more of our staff to attend."

Lisa Matthews, Vocational Counselor

"The workshop was very well thought out and organized. It provided helpful and thoughtful information, and it was fun. It helped me confirm that I am not ready at this time to start my own business."

Ron Ziglar, Fledgling Entrepreneur

"Your study course gave me a profound experience of receiving services from a business conducted in the spirit of right livelihood. I am now both further along and more solidly on a new and gratifying path."

Roberta Fraser, Corporate Manager

"It was with great interest that I discovered the Web site for the Center for Good Work and the course syllabus for the online course 'The Path to Meaningful Work.' I picked up Claude Whitmyer's book Mindfulness and Meanginul Work several years ago and remain committed to pursuing right livelihood in my own life. I'd appreciate being put on any distribution lists for news about the Center's work or upcoming events.

"The program outline for the 'Path to Meaningful Work' looks very interesting and I would like to receive the free introductory lesson entitled 'What is Meaningful Work?'"

Thanks! I look forward to purchasing the other lessons as they become available.

Pamela Bruns, Raleigh, NC



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Recommended Reading

Mindfulness and Meaningful Work cover picture.Mindfulness & Meaningful Work: Explorations in Right Livelihood

If you have the greatest job in the world, read this book. If you're unemployed, read this book. If you question the value of your work, read this book. You'll learn about yourself and about different ways of approaching not just your work, but your life."

--Mountain Record

This anthology explores the integration of mindfulness and ethics in the workplace. In these pages some of the leading thinkers and doers of our time -- Thich Nhat Hanh, Joanna Macy, Sam Keen, E.E Schumacher, Gary Snyder, Shakti Gawain, Shunryu Suzuki, Robert Aitken, Tarthang Tulku, Marsha Sinetar, Rick Fields, Ellen Langer, and many others — share their insights on the practice and value of working and of finding work that is meaningful, life-affirming, and non-exploitative.


More Recommended Reading

Running a One-Person Business cover picture.Running A One-Person Business

"... will rank with the top ten business books of this decade in importance and usefulness."

Paul Hawken, author of Growing a Business and
Natural Capital

"... a fabulous testament to creating a rewarding lifestyle through your work, whether gardener, physicist, or dressmaker. It's also a no-nonsense, one step-at-a-time primer to getting there from here ... I wish I'd had it ... when I wiggled out of the corporate cocoon."

Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence and
Re-Imagine: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

Running A One-Person Business provides a comprehensive approach to the needs of the solo entrepreneur, with or without employees. With interviews of many successful entrepreneurs who have struck out on their own and stuck with it, this book is brimming with practical information needed by those currently in business for themselves or those who are planning to be.

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