In past FutureU programs . . . 

 . . . 83% of MAINSTREAM FACULTY (not early adopters!) said they now felt like “intermediate,” “advanced” or even “professional” Web course builders. Two-thirds had called themselves “beginners” prior to the training.

Source: Internal data.

FutureU Client: King Abdulaziz University. — Photo by Claude Whitmyer.
FutureU Client:King Abdul Aziz University
— Photo by Claude Whitmyer.

Teaching Online

There’s a whole lot more to planning and creating a technology-enriched course than learning how to use course management software.

After all, you didn’t learn how to teach just by mastering the use of chalk on a blackboard or the light switches in a classroom!

The online or blended classroom represents a whole new way of communicating and learning, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Even the best vendor training only scratches the surface.

Until now, the only other alternative was to enroll in an expensive graduate or certificate program that might take a year or more to complete.

Learning Online

Whether tenderfoot or veteran Web surfer, everyone has gaps in their understanding of what it takes to learn online. Even if you surf, email, and send text messages every day, these experiences don’t teach you the processes, skills, and attitudes necessary to excel in the online classroom.

How We Work With Clients

FutureU™ offers consulting and training services to the education, healthcare, government, and business sectors. Our clients work in organizations of all sizes and types, from accountants to zoos.

Since the early 1990s . . .

We have been consulting about:

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Training, teaching, and learning . . . 

For projects focused on: 

  • Online education
  • Virtual meetings and events
  • Virtual teaming
  • Virtual collaboration and communication
  • Virtual community building . . . 

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