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Planning & Strategic Thinking

Strategy, Planning, Implementation for Collaboration Across Distance

Technologies for Collaboration & Learning

Often, the challenges you face, and the solutions we provide, involve technologies for collaboration and learning across distances such as video conferencing, web conferencing, or course and learning management systems.

These technologies create historic opportunities, but they also impact planning, employee morale, productivity, and the bottom line. Not always in a good way, either.

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“The people at FutureU are creative thinkers and revolutionary educators, combining technological sophistication with highly developed people skills. A pleasure to work with, reliable, thorough and innovative.”
Lisa Faithorn, Ph.D., Mountain View, California
cultural anthropologist, NASA Ames

For Instructors, Teachers, and College & University Faculty

FutureU Client: King Abdul Aziz University
FutureU Client: King Abdul Aziz University. — Photo by Claude Whitmyer.

Discover the best tools to develop online courses and the most efficient ways to deliver content and engage learners on the Web.

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For College & University Students and Adult learners

FutureU client Missouri State University
FutureU Client: Missouri State University. — Photo by Claude Whitmyer.

Recently, more and more research teams, workgroups, departments, programs, and “communities of practice” have begun to showcase their own activities, capabilities, and creative output.

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Assist your VIPs and key stakeholders.
Maximize Your Infrastructure Investment.

Claude leading a FastTrack Coaching® session
Claude Whitmyer leading a FastTrack Coaching session.
— Photo by Gail Terry Grimes.

FutureU’s FastTrack Coaching® is the complete, low-cost solution when you need to get one or more courses going and, at the same time, you want the responsible instructor(s) to improve their skills with course authoring, content creation, and online teaching.

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“It has been marvelous to work with you. Thank you for your mentorship and guidance….
“I am impressed with the professional and kind service I have received.”

Denise Lucy, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Institute of Leadership Studies
Dominican University of California

For Rapid Development and Deployment
of Online Courses or Programs

FutureU client Dominican University of California
FutureU Client: Dominican University of California. — Photo by Claude Whitmyer.

Many schools have invested heavily in a web presence. Student portals, learning management systems, and web conferencing software abound. But there’s still plenty of room for maximizing your technology investment by bringing all your instructors up to speed.

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“Thanks so much for a very productive training “suite” of programs!! I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes.”

Terry Ratcliff, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Adult and Extended Education
Dominican University of California

Webinars - Conferences - Meetings - Teams

Hybrid Virtual Conference
Annual meeting of NASA Astrobiology Insitute. Photo by Claude Whitmyer.

It’s not the technology. It’s what you do with it!® Meet! Talk! Get things done! Faster, better, cheaper—with the best tools for the job.

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Design - Produce - Facilitate - Evaluate

Video Conference Meeting
Stock photo.

Whether completely online or a hybrid of in-person and online, your meetings can run smoother, produce more, and engage everybody. 

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Did You Know?

For several years now, students have been participating in 100% online courses. But until recently, it was difficult to get faculty to do their own continuing ed that way. The tide seems to be turning though. Gradually, clients such as the Open Learning Division of Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, have begun to accept programs as long as 12 weeks—taught entirely online. We never met in person with the 160 faculty we trained. Instead, we used real-time web conferencing and asynchronous, text-based discussion forums. We ran cohorts of 10 to 15 faculty at a time through a sequence of training modules. The decision-makers and participants reported being thrilled with the results.

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“The program that you provided our 160+ online faculty members and several staff was immediately relevant to the context of teaching and learning at Thompson Rivers University. You clearly took the time needed to understand our needs and to tailor the training program to those needs. We received many comments from our faculty attesting to the time and effort you put into this endeavour. It seemed many times that you went over and above what was expected of you in regards to the amount of time that you spent answering questions and troubleshooting problems. “

Dr. Valerie Peachey, Director Program Delivery
Thompson Rivers University
Open Learning Division


“…the quality of the training program was excellent with the vast majority of our faculty indicating increased competence in using both [web conferencing] and [our learning management system].”

Colin Madland, E-Learning Facilitator
Thompson Rivers University
Open Learning Division