Meet! Learn! Get Things Done!

Helping you learn to use the Internet for . . . 

  • Teaching and Learning Online
  • Meeting and Teaming Online
  • Collaboration and Building Online Community

   . . . is what we do best.

Who We Are

We are FutureU™ — Claude Whitmyer and Gail Terry Grimes — along with selected professional associates who are all either experienced educators or expert organizational consultants or both.

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Gail Terry Grimes and Claude Whitmyer


Who We Serve

Large organizations as diverse as the American Hospital Association, the NASA Astrobiology InstituteApple ComputerFujitsu AmericaHitachi, and the community colleges of the California Virtual Campus have relied on FutureU™ for our analysis, consulting, research, and training services. Our higher-ed clients have ranged from Dominican University of California to King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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What We Offer

Getting good advice from a knowledgeable source can “make or break” any initiative, large or small. As one of the best of the small firms specializing in analysis, design, development and deployment of Internet technology for learning and work, we offer wise counsel and “get-it-done” capabilities.

Our mission is to work with people who want to make the most of their investments . . . 

  •  . . . in Internet and Web technology
  •  . . . for meeting and teaming online
  •  . . . or distance or blended learning

We help with:

  • Planning and strategic thinking
  • Needs and readiness assessments
  • Instruction for teachers or trainers about teaching online
  • Instruction for students or employees about learning online
  • Training in best practices for meeting and working online in teams
  • Project evaluation (either ongoing or upon completion)
  • Conversion of existing course materials for online delivery
  • Evaluation of existing online courses

We also:

  • Study the industry
  • Look for the best of the best software and hardware
  • Help clients evaluate, choose, and implement
  • The right technology
  • At the right price
  • For the right people

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FutureU™ Founders and Associates

The FutureU™ Associates are experts in . . . 

  • Technology
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Research
  • Organizational Development
People helping people.
It's not the technology!

We were advocating the appropriate use of technology to encourage collaboration and improve performance long before it became popular to do so.

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FutureU™ Clients

Our clients and customers are:

  • teachers and students
  • department heads, deans, and institutional leaders
  • trainers and workers
  • managers and executives
  • internal and external consultants
  • independent learners and autodidacts
  • life-long learners of all types

Who work with or are employed within . . . 

  • colleges and universities
  • health-care, government and other non-profit organizations
  • corporations and small businesses
  • self-employed coaches, consultants, and freelancers

And who are . . . 

  • meeting and learning online
  • engaged in lifelong learning
  • looking for tools to make life and work easier, more productive, more rewarding
  • hoping to find products and services that are easy to learn, easy to use, and cost effective

To learn more about what FutureU™ can do for you, please contact us directly.